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The Man Who Took on MF Global with James Koutoulas of Typhon Capital Management

James Koutoulas founded Typhon Capital Management in 2008. But it wasn’t until MF Global’s devastating bankruptcy that he found his true calling. On this week’s episode of Limit Up! James talks to Jeff about founding the customer advocacy group Commodity Customer Coalition and discusses the positive changes that have come about from this advocacy work. Tune in and get inspired!

Managing Risk and Finding Your Trading Niche with David Klusendorf

Risk is a big part of life… nothing is guaranteed. In trading, risk is a huge part of the game. So how do you manage risk and live to trade another day? On today’s episode of Limit Up! Jeff talks to David Klusendorf, Chief Investment Officer at Typhon Capital. Listen for a discussion on managing risk and finding your trading niche.

Managing Stress as a Trader through HIIT Workouts with Keith Morton

The life of a trader is one of extreme highs amidst a constant hum of anxiety. How do you manage the stress? Keith Morton ran marathons back when he was a trader in the 80s. It helped him blow off steam and keep work at work. Since then, he’s championed a more efficient approach to training with his Citywide Superslow gym. Tune in to learn why you should be doing HIIT workouts to manage stress and stay healthy.

The Untapped Potential for Structured Note Trading with Biju Kulathakal

The skills learned as a trader are directly applicable to working at a startup. Biju Kulathakal knows all about this transition and stopped by Limit Up! to talk to Jeff about his new startup, Halo Investing. Biju discusses why structured note trading is a virtually untapped market on the rise. Tune in to learn more about the platform and how you can get involved.

The Finances and Economics of Higher Ed with Jeff Brown

Everyone knows that to get certain jobs, particularly in trading, you need to have a degree. But degree programs have risen in cost dramatically and are inaccessible to many. On today’s episode of Limit Up! Jeff Brown, Dean of the Gies College of Business, discusses how his school is working to democratize higher ed and takes us through what the future of the MBA will look like.

How Mindset Can Help You Handle Failure with Gustavo Razzetti

Mistakes are inevitable, so why are we still so afraid of making them? On this week’s episode of Limit Up! Jeff talks to Gustavo Razzetti of Liberationist about why the fear of failure is so paralyzing. Gustavo offers up his tips for resetting your mindset and increasing your resiliency in the face of failure.

Former NASDAQ CEO Robert Greifeld talks Crypto, Liquidity, & Trading Advice

Bob Greifeld was CEO of Nasdaq from 2003 to 2016 and led the exchange through winds of change. Bob was an out-of-the-box hire who profoundly changed the Nasdaq culture and oversaw the transition from paper-based trades to full computer-based trades. Bob sat down with Jeff to talk about what it was like leading Nasdaq, the importance of creating the right company culture, and what Bob sees as the future of trading. Hint: it involves crypto.

Leveling the Futures Market Playing Field with Pete Mulmat

This special 100th episode of Limit Up! Is chock full of goodness. Ever wish you could trade on the futures market but didn’t have big enough contracts to make it work? Today’s guest on the Limit Up! Podcast, Pete Mulmat, talks about his new start up, The Small Exchange, which is democratizing the futures market for retail level traders. Tune in for Pete’s tips on making money in futures.

The Fed Waits and Disney Always Delivers with Mark, Jack and Dan

With Jeff Carter out this week, the TopstepTrader dream team of Jack Pelzer, Dan Hodgman, and Mark Meadows step in for a lively discussion on what’s happening in the market this week. Tune in to find out their thoughts on the upcoming Fed rate cuts, their spookiest trades, and how Disney World is a perfect example of everything happening in the market.

Sorting Through the Noise with Gary S. Morrow

It can be a rough transition when you leave the floor to explore new career opportunities. Gary S. Morrow of the blog, This Week on Wall Street, stopped by the Limit Up! podcast to talk to Jeff about making the switch from floor to digital. Gary also gives his advice on making the best trades when you’re overwhelmed by ideas and information. Tune in for their conversation and this week’s MARKet Reaction.

Mental Health and the Hour of Champions with Steve Werner

Trading is a high-stress job with a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Steve Werner, former commodities trader and founder of Hour of Champions, experienced a dark night of the soul after he quit trading and his family business failed. On this week’s episode of Limit Up! Steve shares his journey with Jeff and discusses the regimen that helped him break his negative thought patterns.

How Corruption Affects the Bottom Line with Dr. Nerissa Brown, PhD CFE

Political corruption isn’t just about politics, it can also have far-reaching implications for the economy. Nerissa Brown, PhD CFE joins us for an all new episode of Limit Up! to talk about how corruption at the district, state, and country levels can affect the bottom line of businesses.

Keeping the Human Touch in a High-Tech World with Sean Brown

Just because most things happen online these days doesn’t mean you can’t use a human hand every now and again. Sean Brown of YCharts sits down with Jeff to discuss how this revolutionary tool is better helping people manage and research investments all while keeping the human touch. Tune in to hear about Sean’s company and this week’s MARKet Reaction.

Expanding Your Mind Beyond Trading with Alan Matthew

On this week’s episode of Limit Up! we’re talking to Alan Matthew, trader and CEO at Tribal Ventures. Alan knows how to have fun and live life to the fullest - necessary when you have a stressful job. Tune into this fun episode for an irreverent chat about how Alan found himself in the Amazon and the dusty city at the center of the Burning Man festival.

Dual Momentum Investing Amidst Market Volatility with Gary Antonacci

On this week’s episode of Limit Up! Jeff sat down with Gary Antonacci to discuss the strategy of trend following for investments. Gary’s book, “Dual Momentum Investing,” gives investors a blueprint for ignoring the extra noise in markets and making investment decisions based on stocks and assets that have the most momentum.

Good Behavior & Gearing Up for Fall Trading with Danny & Hoag

Danny & Hoag are back, Jeff has the week off and Jack takes you into Labor Day with some relaxing Trader Therapy. Join us for this week’s episode to close out the summer and enjoy during this holiday weekend.

Bear Markets, Crypto and Humility with TopstepTrader Founder Michael Patak

Our founder, Michael Patak, is back for the second part of his interview with host Jeff Carter. Listen in for a breakdown of crypto, forex and humility, with a healthy dose of war stories mixed in.

The Eurozone's Evolving Economy with Martin Essex of

A few weeks ago, our very own Mark Meadows went onto the DailyFX podcast and spoke with host Martin Essex. Now, we’re flipping that around and bringing Martin onto Limit Up! Martin is an analyst and editor over at DailyFX and has previously written for The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the BBC. Martin gives his thoughts around the changing landscape of the Eurozone, the potential impact of Brexit and, of course, Football.

The Shifting Landscape in Macroeconomics with Martin Essex of

A few weeks ago, our very own Mark Meadows went onto the DailyFX podcast and spoke with host Martin Essex. Now, we’re flipping that around and bringing Martin onto Limit Up! Martin is an analyst and editor over at DailyFX and has previously written for The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and the BBC.

The Origins of All Star Charts with Founder J.C. Parets

This weeks episode is a big one. Jeff Carter is joined this week by the founder of All Star Chart, J.C. Parets, for an in-depth discussion of technical trading analysis. J.C. is one of the most widely followed analysts and his insights could change your trading approach.

Trading with No Limits with TopstepTrader Founder Michael Patak

This episode of Limit Up! is a special one. TopstepTrader Founder Michael Patak joins host Jeff Carter for an in-depth discussion of Michael’s trading ethos, what drew him to start TopstepTrader seven years ago and the company’s culture today. This is a great talk between two battle-tested pit traders.

The Psychology of Leadership, Risk Management and Emotional Intelligence With Dr. Mira Brancu

Dr. Mira Brancu, CEO & a clinical psychologist, joins us on this weeks Limit Up! Jeff and her talk psychology, risk management, and leadership development for making better decisions. Plus: it's @TopstepTrader 7th Birthday and you're invited to the party! Listen to find out more!

Finding Opportunity After a Market Blow Up with Henry Yoshida

This week Jeff brings on Henry Yoshida, the co-founder, and CEO of Rocket Dollar, a fintech startup putting decision making power back in the hands of the investor. Then, Mark and Jack join us as always to bring a healthy dose of reality and humor to the podcast.

What an Army Major General Can Teach You About Leadership - Part 2

This week we’re bringing you part 2 of our interview with Major General Karl Horst. Jeff sits down with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation President and U.S. Army Major General to discuss his final leadership principles. Join us for the conclusion of this incredible discussion covering communication, humor and how to manage expectations.

What an Army Major General Can Teach You About Leadership - Part 1

On this weeks Limit Up! Mark Meadows shares his MARKet Reaction and new host Jeff Carter sits down with retired Army Major General Karl Horst. This was an interview so great we had to split it up. They discuss leadership, jazz and failing when the stakes are unbelievably high.

The Fed Has Some New Rates and We Have a New Host

This week is all about the Fed: the screens are green MARKet Reaction, the ripple effects from the Fed changes and Jacks back with his comfy couch in this weeks Trader Therapy. Oh yeah, we also have a new, unbelievable host starting next week. Who? Listen and see…

Buy the rumor, sell the news and the importance of regulating yourself

This week on Limit Up! MARKet Reactions covers gold, Danny and John cover stepping away from the markets and Jack channels his inner Cramer (not Cosmo, Jim) to bring you this week latest segment: Kooky Currency.

Jeopardy & Trading: The importance of sticking to your game plan

Limit Up! is back with another dose of market analysis, trading strategy and...Jeopardy? This week Danny Hodgman and John Hoagland discuss the latest Jeopardy uber-champion and how he kept winning by sticking to his game plan, something that rings true for traders as well. As always, our very own Mark Meadows is back with his MARKet Reaction. Finally, Jack Pelzer brings you into his office for this week's Trader Therapy.

Different Ways to Look at the Market: It’s all an auction process at the end of the day

Welcome back to the new Limit Up! Listen in to get this week’s MARKet Reaction with our very own Mark Meadows, hear Danny Hodgman and John Hoagland talk about Market Profile and stick around for Trader Therapy with Jack Pelzer.

Keeping Cool During Summer Trading with TopstepTrader’s Danny & Hoag

Welcome to the new Limit Up! This episode marks the beginning of a few show changes we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks. We’ll be covering our new call-in line for listeners of the show to call in with questions for us, our latest MARKet reaction as well as our performance coaches, Danny & Hoag, breaking down how you should be approaching your summer trading.

REWIND: Why Forex Presents the Best Trading Opportunities with John Kicklighter

John Kicklighter is a trader and the head analyst at DailyFX, which provides market commentary for traders, by traders. In this LimitUp! Rewind, John talks about lessons learned trading equities, options, futures and forex and why he believes forex trading presents the best opportunities for retail traders.

REWIND: Blowing Up a Trading Account with Trading Psychologist Dr. Kenneth Reid

In this Limit Up Rewind, Dr. Kenneth Reid, trading psychologist, shares how his experience blowing up a trading account led him to investigate the psychology behind his trading and then to developing a deliberate trading practice that focuses on the process, not the outcome.

REWIND: Cardinal Rules of Trading with Trader and Coach John Hoagland

In this Rewind episode, trader and trading coach John Hoagland talks about his cardinal rules of trading. Rules which he honed on the floor of the CME for more than a decade and that still serve him well in his electronic trading today.

REWIND: Building a 20 Year Constant Profit Streak with Larry Benedict

In this Limit Up Rewind, Larry Benedict, trader and founder of, shares the keys to building his trading fortune, some of which defy conventional wisdom.

REWIND: Strategizing for Your Intended Targets with Tony Saliba

In this REWIND episode of Limit Up, we’re taking a look back on Eddie’s chat with Tony Saliba when they discussed bouncing back from a big loss, becoming disciplined, and working up the corporate ladder.

REWIND: High-Risk Decisions with Annie Duke

In this Limit Up Rewind, Annie Duke, best-selling author and former professional poker player, dives into why decision making can be so tough and discusses the importance of probability when it comes to pulling the trigger.

REWIND: Two Blown Accounts, Third One's a Charm with Lydia Finkley

In this Limit Up Rewind, Lydia Finkley talks about how she was introduced to trading, finding a strategy, and her tried and true tricks for traders just starting out.

REWIND: The Making of a Risk-Minded Trader with Mick Ieronimo

In this “Best of Limit Up!” rebroadcast, hear Mick Ieronimo, TopstepTrader’s risk manager, discuss his experience entering the trading world, the value of trading your own money, and how he became a risk-minded trader.

REWIND: Passion, Pitfalls, and Finding an Edge with Dr. Brett Steenbarger

This week on LimitUp!, we introduce a brand new segment, The MARKet Reaction with Mark Meadows. We also revisit Eddie’s conversation with author, trading coach, and psychologist Dr. Brett Steenbarger, where they talk about what it means to be passionate in trading, ways to avoid common pitfalls and how to find your edge.

Outliers, Trading Hogs and Taking the Loss with Linda Raschke

On LimitUp! This week, Mark and John welcome back Linda Raschke to discuss her newest book, “Trading Sardines.” Plus, a chat on how Linda dealt with some of her ugliest trading losses, mentorship in the world of trading, and some of her personal mantras.

Setting Realistic Expectations and Maintaining Focus in Trading - Tim Racette

Tim Racette, a day trader of the E-mini futures markets and swing trader of stocks talks with Eddie Horn about setting realistic expectations, assessing risk and maintaining focus in trading.

Daniel Ameduri: From Bankruptcy to Millionaire

Eddie Horn brings self-made millionaire Daniel Ameduri onto the podcast this week. Daniel is the co-founder of the Future Money Trends newsletter and the Future Money Trends YouTube channel.

The Role of Emotions in Trading - Ben Lichtenstein

This week Eddie talks with Ben Lichtenstein, member of the TD Ameritrade Network of broadcasters and producers and host of Futures with Ben Lichtenstein, about why it's essential to manage the emotional aspect of trading in order to become a successful trader.

A Trader’s Most Important Tool: The Trading Journal - Moritz Czubatinski

This week on Limit Up! Moritz, Co-Founder of the professional trading journal Edgewonk, discusses how a well-kept trading journal is one of the most important tools a trader can use to trade profitably.

Secrets to Defining Your Own Trading Strategy - Erich Senft

This week Eddie talks with Erich Senft, recognized futures trading expert and President of, about the keys to successful trading including why it’s so important to carve out a unique strategy that works for you.

A Big Picture Look at the 2019 Market Direction - David Moadel

In a wide-ranging episode this week, Eddie talks with David Moadel, Chief Analyst and Opportunity Researcher for Portfolio Wealth Global about 2019 market direction and everything from the likelihood of a near-term recession to retirement planning in the current market.

Maintaining Success as a Funded Trader - Mick Ieronimo

Mick Ieronimo, Risk Manager for TopstepTrader, joins Eddie Horn this week to talk about his work with Topstep’s funded traders. Mick dives into what it takes to get a Funded Account™, tips for successful trading, what trips up good traders and how to avoid self-sabotage.

Insights on Trading Crude Oil - Tracy Shuchart

This week Tracy Shuchart joins Eddie Horn as they dive into all the latest crude oil trading news. Tracy is an independent trader specializing in the energy markets. You can find her on twitter @chigrl and as a contributing expert at

Passing the TopstepTrader Trading Combine® - Nick Dolby

Eddie Horn chats with TopstepTrader veteran Nick Dolby about coming back from failure, the importance of discipline & risk management and some tips for passing the Trading Combine®.

Using Market Profile - Matt Davio

Eddie Horn dives deep into Market Profile with Matt Davio on LimitUp! this week. In the latest episode, Matt, founder of the Market Profile Trading Academy, answers the most pressing questions traders have when using Market Profile.

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