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Lessons of Highly Effective Traders with Jack Pelzer, Dan Hodgman, and John Doherty

Have you wondered what it takes to be a top trader? This week, Jack, Dan, and John have a roundtable discussion on the habits and attributes they’ve seen in highly successful traders. The trio also announces the five winners of the listener survey!

The Future of Crypto Trading with Brock Connelly

Crypto is not new. Whether it’s blockchain or bitcoin, misconceptions abound in the digital currency space. To help us sort through the noise, our guest today, Brock Connelly, is here to talk crypto and offers advice on how you can get started trading in crypto futures. Tune in!

From 31 years on the Trading Floor to Academia with John Nyhoff

Trading is both fun and lucrative, but the emotional rollercoaster of this job can take a toll. Our guest this week on Limit Up! is John Nyhoff, Assistant Professor of Finance at Lewis University. After spending 31 years on the floor, John made the transition to academia and private consulting. Tune in to learn about John’s transition as well as his predictions for the financial industry in 2020.

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