A Trader’s Most Important Tool: The Trading Journal - Moritz Czubatinski

This week on Limit Up! Moritz, Co-Founder of the professional trading journal Edgewonk, discusses how a well-kept trading journal is one of the most important tools a trader can use to trade profitably.

Moritz Czubatinski joins Eddie this week to dig into one of the simplest and most beneficial tools a trader can use to improve their trading performance: the trading journal. And as the Co-Founder of Edgewonk, a professional trading journal, it’s a topic Moritz knows well. 

Before co-founding Edgewonk and Tradeciety, a community by traders for traders, Moritz studied philosophy in Germany, became a professional poker player and then applied his gambling skills to trading while traveling around the world, mainly through China and South East Asia.

Check out Moritz’s take on: 
  • [05:12] What concept fueled the creation of Edgewonk
  • [07:34] The importance of having a personal trading journal
  • [08:29] Lessons learned to keep a poker journal
  • [10:15] The most important stats to integrate into a trading journal
  • [12:43] What role does gut instinct play in trading 
  • [15:46] What are some tools, used for a good journal
  • [20:30] A trading diary vs a stats-based journal 
  • [23:09] Some good reminders to take valid setups
  • [28:51] Luck as a factor in poker or trading
  • [31:22] Different type of  trading journals - learning, trading and psychological
  • [33:00] A breakdown of a well-compiled journal
  • [35:40] One thing every trader should have with them every day, beside a trading journal
You can find Moritz through edgewonk.com and  www.tradeciety.com or on Twitter or Instagram as #stocktcm.

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