Bear Markets, Crypto and Humility with TopstepTrader Founder Michael Patak

Our founder, Michael Patak, is back for the second part of his interview with host Jeff Carter. Listen in for a breakdown of crypto, forex and humility, with a healthy dose of war stories mixed in.

Last month, we decided to bring on our Founder and Chief Vision Officer Michael Patak to talk about his origins as a trader, the founding of TopstepTrader and his experiences being deep in the pit. This is part 2 of Jeff’s interview with Michael. If you missed part 1, make sure to check it out here

In this episode, Jeff and Michael cover the humility and EQ required to be a successful trader. Next, they cover memorable trades and swap a few war stories from deep in the pit. Finally, no trading discussion is complete without bringing up crypto. Find out what Michael thinks about crypto in relation to his bread & butter, forex.

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  • [00:31] - This week: Michael Patak part two
  • [01:28] - MARKet Reaction with Mark Meadows
  • [03:00] - Michael Patak introduction
  • [03:22] - Jeff Carter Interview with Michael Patak
    • [03:22] - Having a speed edge in the pit
    • [04:51] - Do you recommend that a five-lot trader scale into and out of trades?
    • [06:32] - If the market is boring do you increase or decrease your size?
    • [07:32] - Do you feel like you have to be right?
    • [07:52] - After a losing streak how long would you walk away from the market before you came back?
    • [10:19] - What happens if the market goes the way you wanted after hitting your stop?
    • [11:03] - Memorable trades
    • [19:52] - Do you see any particular markets as having more outsize opportunity than others?
    • [20:32] - Have you looked at markets that might have more opportunity where others may be dead?
    • [21:30] - If I became proficient in one market, but then it died, could I take those same skills to another?
    • [22:06] - Are there any markets in the futures and forex space that don't lend themselves to smaller size traders?
    • [26:37] - Yra G. Harris Notes From The Underground
    • [27:38] - The markets are limitless
    • [28:57] - So you've seen a bear market?
    • [30:47] - Last parting words
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