Using Market Profile - Matt Davio

Eddie Horn dives deep into Market Profile with Matt Davio on LimitUp! this week. In the latest episode, Matt, founder of the Market Profile Trading Academy, answers the most pressing questions traders have when using Market Profile.

Eddie Horn talks with Matt Davio, former fund manager and current private investor with more than 30 years trading experience. Matt is also the founder of the Market Profile Trading Academy and in this episode he answers the most pressing questions traders have when using Market Profile, including some questions coming straight from the Topstep Trader Facebook community. 

  • [03:22] What is Market Profile?
  • [05:41] How is Market Profile set up? How do you read a Market Profile chart?
  • [07:39] Why has Market Profile worked for so long?
  • [10:30] Market Profile vs Volume Profile?
  • [11:34] Are there any certain products that Market Profile works better for?
  • [12:31] What is the Point of Control and how should we use it?
  • [15:37] Is there a best time for Market Profile?
  • [18:49] What other market data does Matt Davio like to watch and use?
  • [20:44] What is a traders biggest mistake? 
  • [25:34] What are some basic trading rules every trader needs to know?
  • [37:32] Can we scalp using Market Profile in such a volatile market or should we just use it as a reference tool?
  • [39:13] How do you apply Market Profile to a night session?
  • [41:17] When trading a trend day on the Market Profile and you don’t get in early where do you look to enter and how do you define your risk?
  • [44:41] If Matt Davio hosted a dinner for any 3 historical figures alive or dead who would he invite and what would he serve?

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